Thursday, 25 February 2010


"Throughout my life I have found a seductive longing to leave and return home,
both tsunamis of longing so great that they can overwhelm and paralyze my entire
being." Dawn Ng

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Porcelain knotted handkerchief.

I've had all sorts of images, words, articles and so on buzzing around for a project exploring 'Home' a word which has increased in importance since moving away from 'Home.'

When I woke up this morning, some of the jigsaw pieces fell into place and I suddenly knew what to make out of the lump of porcelain sitting in my room.

This image only shows the front in progress, however I later went on to add a crease in the shape of Margate's Harbour arm and pushed various fabrics and objects into the porcelain to make a map, with textures suggesting waves, sand and roads.

The print on the hat represents the path I take to get home, mapping the road journey from the train station to my house. There is evidence of train tracks as well as other unrecognisable tracks which could be the bus, tube or walk which I also take. The beach and sea are evident because when I get off the train and wait for my Dad to pick me up I get to look out at the sea, the coloured doors on the harbour arm and smell the salty air. This moment is one component which creates my definition of 'Home'.

This is a personal piece, however it does not depend on this explanation to be enjoyed by others. The knotted handkerchief is a recognised icon for the beach, and encourages images of grandads on deckchairs. The map could be a pirate's treasure map, creating nostalgia for the viewer of childhood games or past visits to a beach. Both of which will consequently arouse sentiments of Home(s) past or present.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Groovy Guys

Images sourced from Thanet Charity shops.

Studio Work

Notting Hill Find

Dan took this photo, but I cropped it.
We both saw it.
Evidently it did make us look.
Simple yet effective.

Humorous Art

Huma Mulji
Her Suburban Dream 2009
'These compelling works explore change and disorder in the region and beyond'

I just laughed and kept walking.


This sculpture really appeals to me; it combines textiles, scale, colour and internal/external qualities. I think its a really interesting piece.
'Bharti Kher references magical beasts, mythical monsters and allegorical tales ... the blue sperm whale is one of the worlds largest animals. Unable to find sufficient scientific documentation about its anatomy, Kher invented the appearance of the whales heart... Created in fibreglass, the artist has decorated the enormous heart and protruding veins and arteries with different coloured bindis.'
The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today. Picture by Picture Guide.

See it at the Saatchi.

Public Art

Some cool public art in Sloane Square

Goodbye Old Blog

This is my old blog
I've moved to be like everyone else.
After all, originality doesn't exist, so don't bother trying.