Thursday, 11 March 2010

O Margate

I took a trip home to Margate to document the surroundings which have changed dramatically since I was young. During my childhood and early teens Margate high street was the place to go shopping, and Margate sands were the first choice on a sunny day. Occasionally we’d be treated to £1 of 2p’s and visit the arcade and Dreamland was the cinema everyone went too. I even remember spending a whole day at Dreamland amusement park with aunts, uncles and cousins going on all the different rides.Unfortunately Margate cannot repeat these memories for the next generation.

I have become blind to Margate’s run down facade, no longer taking an interest in the place due to new developments nearby and the negative reputation the area has gained. However taking the time to review and document sights with a camera has helped me to update my perspective. I am hopeful for Margate’s future, the plans for Dreamland are exciting (Really worth a look) and the old town is already offering small galleries and projects in support of the Turner Gallery.

A classic Margate youth captured outside one of the surviving arcades.

A photo of Margate preparing for a motocross weekend (March 6/7th)

Broken window in Margate High Street

I want to use my positive memories of Margate and share them with others; I am hoping to do this in the form of souvenir plates. I feel this is appropriate after finding this site. The souvenir plate represents Margate’s past success as a tourist destination, the circular shape is an obvious signifier of my world (as a child). The plate will depict a mix of images, drawings, 3D elements and text of Margate today and the good memories those places hold for me. Creating a dualism between the run down appearance of Margate and the endearing nostalgia of a childhood, almost like a diary. The positive memories sell the plate helping viewers to over look the negativity of the images.

I will end with O Dreamland (1953), I was shown this at school and despite the annoying soundtrack it really is a good watch.

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