Wednesday, 19 May 2010

First Year Assessments Monday 17th May

Needed 3 tables for my work, plus floor space and a I binned some of the really dire plaster casts, I kept finding things I made months ago and had forgotten about.

Folder of prints got completed and will upload photos in the future. I hated the module due to the patience it required but had some okay results in the end.

Quilt looks adequately handmade/imperfect so reflects the nostalgic childhood theme I was working with. I would have liked to have done more to it looking back, however at the time I was concerned with over crowding the image with text etc.
Plates on the table in b&w look suprisingly good considering I found them at the bottom of a pile of work that I had forgot about.

Some of the fisheye photographs I took around Margate. I think they are sick. Might scan in the best of the best when I collect the work in a few weeks.

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